Nice Nails Baby | Subscription Beauty Bag*

Ever heard of Nice Nails Baby? No? Well I hadn’t either until one of my PR companies got in touch and asked if I would be interested in trialling a new subscription beauty bag from the company.
I have done some research and Nice Nails Baby are based in Clapham, London so any of my lovely followers there would benefit from this, especially if you get your nails done on a regular basis.

Every month, you will receive a canvas tote bag, branded with the NNB logo across the front. Its packed in a sealable envelope so you can rest assured you don’t need to be in to receive it as it fits right through the letterbox which is a bonus for those amongst us who have a subscription box obsession and have to trawl back and forth from the sorting office to pick them up.
Inside you can find some straw filler to protect the bottles you might receive inside your bag such as nail polish, top coat or cuticle oil. You will also find a very generous £20 voucher to use in store off your treatments which is fantastic… if you live in or visit London regularly. Thankfully, I am visiting soon and will be able to use mine and I will feature the services they provide on a separate post so keep your eyes peeled for that one.

I must admit, it isn’t what I was expecting it to be. I was under the presumption there might be other types of products in there judging by the image they have on their website which features a mini Denman brush – a perfect handbag companion. I also thought there might be a wider range of beauty products inside rather than limiting it to just nails but now I can understand that it would be a great thing to have after your first visit to the salon to keep your nails looking fresh and on point right up to your next visit where you can actually save yourself some money using the voucher.
I think it is a brilliant idea and kudos to the salon for putting it together – it’s a great way to advertise too with the use of the reusable canvas totes – no more paying 5p for a carrier bag!

For me personally, I cannot see the value it brings to me. As I am not based in London, it is difficult for me to take advantage of the voucher for a treatment at the salon and having super short nails and not enough patience to do anything with them, I cant justify spending the money on it to get a new polish every month either BUT that being said, is my lifestyle and this would be perfect for someone who like I said before, attends a salon regularly and looks after theirs a lot better than I do.

The brands are salon quality too so no £1 superdrug or boots own brands and it probably is a saving if you had brought the OPI polish on its own given the rest of the items you receive too. For more information on how you can get your hands on one, check out the links to the salon below:

Website –

Twitter – @NiceNailsBaby

Instagram – @nicenailsbaby

*I was sent this product to review in exchange for an honest opinion on my blog.

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