How To Get Good Coffee At Home*

Although I do love popping for a coffee at a nice cafe-bar now and again, I can’t do that all the time, or I would never get anything done! So, I’ve been looking into the best coffee making gear that you can buy for the home.

The Coffee
Okay, first things first, to get good professional quality coffee at home, you need to get hold of some good coffee beans. Youโ€™ll need to decide which supplier you’re going to buy beans from and whereabouts in the world your beans are going to come from. The main locations coffee is available to source from are Sumatra and Kenya, all coffee tastes different depending on where it is from. My personal favourite is Peru.


When you have decided on the location of your beans, try and go for a fair trade product. You also need to think about the type of roast and the type of bean to buy.  If you are going for luxury brew here, try using an Arabica bean. This bean is the caviar of coffee because it has a subtle taste and smell, and slightly less caffeine which may be better for your health.


Coffee Grinders

Once you have your beans, then it’s time to grind them up before you use them. There are several ways you can do this. You can use a hand grinder, or you can use one of the modern electric coffee grinders. Choosing which way to grind your beans depends on several factors. Think about the amount of money you have to spend and the amount of effort you want to put personally into this activity. Of course, hand grinders can be fun, but they take a little bit more effort on your part. Electronic grinders are very easy to use but do take up more space in your kitchen.


Coffee Machine

With the coffee beans selected and ground, you the need to decide how you will make the coffee. You can go for one of the high-end Italian machines, or you could go for a simple percolator or a double boil pot. We have a Morphy Richards drip filter machine and a Dolce Gusto. With some electronic coffee machines, you get multiple functionalities. This means you can easily make lots of different types of coffee. Many machines will make espresso, cappuccino and mochas,  as well as the standard Americano coffee. Some machines include a milk frother which allows you to heat and aerate the milk for a barista style coffee at home. Essential for coffees such as cappuccino. Other machines work on a pod system, much like our Dolce Gusto, and they create the drink in one step for you. If space and cost are an issue for you, try a peculator or double boiler, which are simple and easy ways of making a satisfying drink. I am seriously thinking about getting myself one of these to use at work… we all know what work coffee is like don’t we!


The Right Cup

Finally to drink your coffee you’re going to need to treat yourself to some beautiful coffee cups. Depending on your favourite type of coffee you may want to get some different sizes and styles of cups. Some people need a good bowl of coffee in the morning to get them going! There are also cute little cups available for an after-dinner espresso.


Whichever coffee you choose and however you choose to prepare it, remember to savour it as a treat.

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  1. Good info and I do enjoy my coffee. When the time allows, I always opt for the brewing version in preference to instant coffee. I enjoy tea too. And once again, if time allows, I enjoy a proper cup of tea made with loose tea leaves. Love what you do with this blog. From Precia xx

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