Not Just Something For The Weekend | Brunch @ All Bar One*

I never think to go here for food, and I think I came for cocktails once. All Bar One has always been on the slightly pretentious side for me when all you want is some affordable good food and it never fits the bill for a night out. I am not sure where my preconceptions have come from, I mean, don’t get me wrong, it looks like a classy joint, one of those places you might get a standard cocktail for £12 on a Friday night or a steak for about £30 per person, but that is just the ambience of the place.

Well… a lazy Sunday Brunch proved me wrong. As lovely looking as they are with they warm glowy lighting, homely furniture and neutral décor lined with statement objects, they are quite generic in terms of food and drink. You can sit down for a ‘nice’ meal here without breaking the bank and you can stay for more than one drink.

I was invited along to discover the new brunch menu available at All Bar One, expecting sky high prices and small plates, I was very quickly put in my place when we perused the menu to find a hearty brunch from £4.95, packed with protein and bang on trend. Ben chose the Eggs Benedict with a glass of fresh orange and I opted for the Protein Power-Up with a breakfast mimosa, why not eh?

A short wait for our drinks, we said our cheers and enjoyed the crispness of the orange in anticipation of our food to arrive. Now, it wasn’t overly busy but there was a noticeable amount of time passed before it arrived… good thing come to those who wait though right? RIGHT!

 I felt there was enough for two people on my plate alone, rocket piled high housing sliced avocado and providing cover for the many slices of fresh smoked salmon, resting on a sourdough slice, all covered in a seedy crumb. It was part warm and part cold which was unusual, I’m not sure whether the dish was supposed to be one or the other.

The sourdough was soft with a perfectly crispy outer edge, the salmon was melt in your mouth tender and the rocket and avocado were a dream combination, the avocado counteracting the sharp peppery flavour.

Ben’s Eggs Benedict, an enticing plate of 2 large and perfectly cooked poached eggs placed on a toasted English muffin and topped with salmon and hollandaise sauce, it was gone the next time I looked up – it must have tasted as good as it looked and smelled.

There were a number of items available on the brunch menu to suit everyone and some fantastic offers too such as a brunch item and a drink for just £6. All Bar One serve brunch from 11am – 1pm daily on weekdays and 11am – 2pm on Saturdays and Sundays, so not just something for the weekend.

If you are looking for somewhere quiet, cosy and comfortable to enjoy a bite to eat and a refreshing beverage, All Bar One is the place to go. Its affordable, enjoyable and most of all deliciously filling – everything you could want from a spot of brunch. It’s safe to say, they have put themselves back onto my radar and we will be returning.

*this opportunity was on a complimentary basis in return for an honest review on my blog.

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