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Are you feeling a little bored with your look?
Maybe you’ve been dressing, styling your hair and doing your makeup the same for years? Or maybe you’re just tired of how you look? If you’re feeling bored, then do something about it.

Life is all about changes, so don’t be afraid to change up your look.Of course, you don’t want to be constantly editing your style, but every once in a while it’s good to mix things up. It’s far too easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to your look. The problem is, that once we’ve found a look that we feel comfortable with, often we’re too scared of looking silly to change it. However, we shouldn’t be, as change is good.

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From one style and beauty lover to another, I thought I would share my favourite tips for mixing things up and changing your look.

Start with your hair

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The easiest way to switch up your look is with your hair. This is because this is one of our most noticeable features, which means it’ll be more obvious that you’ve changed something. Now, there are lots of options for changing your hair, so it’s worth taking your time to consider them all. The most popular ways to change your hair include cutting it and dying it, but these aren’t your only options.

Going from blonde to brunette could be a great change to make, but if it’s too big then how about adding some subtle lowlights instead? If your hair is long, you could consider going for a shorter style? Perhaps a pixie cut would suit you? Is your hair short but you would love it to be long – then why not have extensions put in? There are lots of extensions and hair pieces that you can choose from to make your hair look longer. As long as you opt for human hair ones, they can look wonderfully natural.

Create a capsule wardrobe

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I’m not saying to chuck out all of your clothes but you can add a few new pieces to your collection. The best way to mix up how you dress without spending a fortune is by creating a capsule wardrobe. This will allow you to put together some fantastic looks, and all with just a few different items of clothing. Do you normally wear nudes and pastels – then go for brights. Be different with your choices and you can mix things up.
Head to your local mall, or shop online, and look for pieces that are chic and stylish but you wouldn’t normally wear. If you struggle with this, take a friend with you and ask them to select pieces for you to try one. Sometimes, when we try something we wouldn’t usually wear, we find a new style that works for us.

Find ways to mix up your makeup.

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Makeup is a hard one to mix up, especially when you’ve found a look that works for you. You see, thanks to our skin tone and hair colour, only certain makeup looks suit each of us. Of course, if you’ve just dyed your hair a new colour, you’ll need to change up your look to match your new hair shade.

The best way to find a new makeup style that works for you is to visit a makeup stand at your mall and ask them to give you a makeover. This will allow you to get an idea of what types of looks can work for you and should give you the confidence to try new things.

There you have it, the best ways to mix up your look. Don’t be afraid to try something new – change is good, and it’s important to realise that.

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