Scientific Skincare with Kiehls 

Kiehls, a skincare brand with brains and science behind it. Founded in New York in 1851 by John Kiehl & his apprentice, Irving Morse with a mission in mind, to create skincare using their unique formula of the finest natural ingredients.


Recently I attended an event based at the store in my hometown of Nottingham to see what all the fuss was about and to of course, tell you all about the brand. One of my favourite things about Kiehls is the fact they treat everyone who walks through the door as a customer, as a potential advocate for the brand to help get the Kiehls name out there. They do not advertise, they let their products do the talking rather than the magazines on the shelf or the adverts on the TV. A simple sample given to every intrigued person who walks through those store doors to give them a taster of some of the fantastic creams, oils and skincare Kiehls have to offer whether they make a purchase or not. In a way, that’s why hosting blogger events such as this one is a fantastic way to help get the brand’s name out there.

Taking a seat at the table after a glass of fresh orange and a ridiculously delicious cupcake with the other lovely beauty bloggers, along with my friend Hannah who accompanied me to see what it’s all about to be a beauty blogger. We were taken down memory lane by Hannah & Saff who were extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the products and the company, before testing out the new face masks that the scientific geniuses at the Kiehls Laboratory have created. Cilantro & Orange and Turmeric and Cranberry Seed.

Let’s talk about the Cilantro one first. For those of you wondering what Cilantro is (like I was which is terrible considering I should know about food!) is in fact coriander! Now, I bet you are wondering what on earth coriander is doing in a face mask and in fact, the benefits it can bring to your skin, besides the glorious smell when blended with the orange, is phenomenal. This face mask aims to protect your skin from that pesky pollution in the earths atmosphere whilst replenishing your skin overnight. Meanwhile, the Turmeric and Cranberry Seed face mask is to aid in brighten skin and invigorate your face with its exfoliating ability from the micro cranberry seeds.

Following that with a taster of the wondrous Midnight Recovery Concentrate Serum, one of Kiehls signature products, the room fell silent as we enjoyed the sheer brilliance of the oil before us.

After ‘ooh-ing’ and ‘ahh-ing’ at the results from just moments on our hands/faces we moved on to our next product, the Ultra Light Daily Moisture SPF 50 – yeah, I was in shock too… SPF 50?! – truth is, I never look at whether the products I use on my face have sun protection in them and it has never been an objective of mine to ensure that I do but following the discussion we had with Hannah, it is certainly something I am going to think about. Even when the sun isn’t gracing us the UV rays are still penetrating our skin and causing any number of potential problems – oh, hey wrinkles! Another thing I learnt is that, whilst factor 50 may seem quite high, it does not affect your ability to tan if that is what bothers you the most, in fact, it helps to create an even golden glow SAFELY and prolong it too all whilst remaining safe and protected. A little slather of this in the morning will defend your face from the harmful aggressors in the atmosphere and give you the moisture boost you (I certainly) need in the morning too.

Team that with the fantastic Ultra Facial Cream which is literally my new favourite product purely because it’s alive. Well, sort of. It has an active ingredient within it that ensures your skin is kept moisturised throughout the day and gives it to you when you need it. How cool is that?! Perfect for those amongst us who love the fresh and dewy glow!

Now, although the majority of the market is female when it comes to skincare, the products are in fact unisex, despite there being a ‘mens‘ range. I think it goes without saying, men like to feel there is something special or different when it comes to them, hence why there is also a newly devised beard oil – which might I add smells incredible. I need to get Mr C some of that stuff! Not only that but in each and every store there are also model planes, science themed trinkets and some even have a Harley Davidson motorbike to ‘keep them entertained’ whilst us women coo over the ointments with thanks to the son of Irving, Mr Aaron Morse.

We were given a goodie bag containing luxury samples of the products we learnt about and the opportunity to book in for a Skin Mapping and Facial session at the end of the event and I for one am excited to be going. Thank heavens there is a payday the same day! Of course, the evening could not end without a selfie with Mr Bones!



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Fun Facts:

Kiehls are a favourite amongst A-List celebrities, if its good enough for them, its good enough for us too, right?

In 1988, Kiehls sponsored an expedition across Everest where everyone involved used solely Kiehls products to keep them hydrated and moisturised throughout.

In 2009, Kiehls broke a record and featured in the Guiness Book of Records for the longest distance run on a treadmill in 24 hours.

In the same year, and probably the most unknown but BEST fact for us Kiehls lovers, they introduced a Recycle and Reward programme.

In the latest years, Kiehls has had the help of numerous celebrity endorsers and supported a vast number of Charities which aim to protect the environment as well as charities that fundraise for AIDs.

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  1. I’ve seen them, but never tried any products myself. Ultra light daily moisturiser with SPF50 is what I have been looking for a long time!!! I will definately invest in one, especially summer is round the corner (well, let’s hope so!!). Thank you Sherry!!!x

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