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We all know that Revolucion de Cuba is quickly becoming the hottest place to go in Nottingham, especially for the cocktails and the ability to dance the night away to your rum filled hearts content. But, did you know they do food too AND it’s a brand new Cuban tapas feast? No? Well, I didn’t either and I certainly hadn’t the foggiest idea what Cuban tapas might look like so I jumped at the invitation to experience the new menu.

The entrance looks different when you arrive sober, giant wooden doors taking you through to a cascading staircase underneath high ceilings and amidst the stairs, two carnivalesque hostesses leading the way to our first Cuban escapade. A meet and greet with a super strong cocktail, realising now it may have been purposefully chosen to get everyone in the spirit for all the salsa dancing we would then move on to!

Salsa dancing, probably the most amount of fun you could have in a room full of strangers you have never met with an alarmingly potent cocktail to hand, without taking your clothes off! So fun in fact, I want to sign up to the lessons they have there on a Wednesday evening – more on that later.

Sweaty and starving, our next taste of the Cuban life takes us to rum tasting. Not exactly what I had in mind on an empty stomache but hey, anything goes when you are a blogger nowadays. Appleton Estate was the evenings rum of choice and the history expertly explained by the host. He taught us how to taste rum properly, meaning how to drink rum without burning the back of your throat and actually taste something other than lighter fuel.

It was in fact very good rum, a hint of vanilla escaped following the new found techniques I’d learnt. My mouth now lined ready to head downstairs to our table for the eagerly anticipated Cubanisto banquet.

Taking a seat at one of the tables with my fellow blogging friend, Emmie from Carpe Diem Emmie, and her Irish fella thankfully keeping my non-Irish fella sane while Emmie and I talked blogging, elephant cups and pink stuff. Pretty sure at one point they were talking about roof tiles…

The chef appears to explain the starters we would be sampling.

The sardines were a shock, I’ve never tried them before. I am one of those people that struggle when their food arrives looking at them. Now, it must have been the rum taking over as I was quite excited to be trying a sardine for the first time. Although, not what I would opt for given the choice, I enjoyed them. Very salty for such a small starter so I’d recommend to add the lemon! Deep fried cauliflower graced the tabletop next, covered in salsa of course. I never eat cauliflower. It’s my least favourite vegetable so I was a little apprehensive already, they were pleasant enough and had a nice texture but I’m no cauliflower convert. There was no real depth or flavour to these but would certainly be better to eat after the chicken! Served with both a satay sauce and a spicy dip, these were right up my street. Love a good hot sauce and this ticked the hot box!

Then, we move onto the mains.

Food wise, this is the part that Revolucion have got right. They can do mains and they can do them well. A big-ass burrito bursting at the seams with juicy, meaty goodness served with a side of nachos and of course, salsa. Succulent steak kebabs with a side of sweet potato wedges, what’s not to love there? Finally the sea bass, accompanied with potatas bravas and mascherano peas (the best kind of peas). A non-pretentious looking dish, homely and hearty with full on flavour – if you order ANYTHING off the menu, please let it be this. Unless, of course, you don’t like fish, then go for the kebabs. They were a close second.

Last and in my honest opinion, least. The dessert. Churros. Without chocolate sauce?! Blasphemy! Im not the biggest fan of churros as it is, so I was already underwhelmed when I saw them making their way over to our table. Safe to say though, despite my lack of interest in the doughy dessert, I’d still eaten better. That then basically meant we could trial another one of the cocktails to make up for it instead.

Of course, Emmie & I couldn’t leave without having drank punch from an elephant, quite possibly the cutest cocktail I ever did drink.

The food may not be perfect but the cocktails are.

Revolucion de Cuba – RevsDeCuba Notts

Twitter – @revdecubanotts

Instagram – @revdecubanotts

Salsa Classes – Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm

*this opportunity was on a complimentary basis in return for an honest review on my blog.

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