Oil Pulling With Minty CoCo | Whiter Teeth in 2 Weeks*

A little over 2 weeks ago now, I was sent a cute little box of the new kid on the block when it comes to tooth whitening products, coconut oil. The brand in particular is Minty Coco who had added a little twist to theirs by adding a peppermint flavour for added freshness.

When the package arrived, I was amazing that it was small enough to fit through the letterbox and still managed to contain a two week supply of the oily goodness to help me achieve those pearly whites. Inside contains 14 sachets of organic virgin coconut oil sourced from Sri Lankan grown coconuts and a handy leaflet telling you all about Oil Pulling and why it’s a great alternative to those high street chemical fuelled products you can buy. Not only that but Minty Coco contains NOTHING artificial and is gluten-, wheat- and dairy-free!

Now, we all know coconut oil is amazing anyway and has graced us with numerous health and beauty benefits rather than just being a delicious alternative to normal cooking oil. So how does it work on your teeth?

The natural lauric acid found in coconut oil has been proven to be antibacterial so it can kill bacteria, viruses and fungi in your mouth.

Having less bacteria on your teeth will also naturally whiten them, leaving you with a beautiful, healthy smile.

Here is my before photo. 

Not gonna lie, I always take great pride in my smile and like to think it’s relatively white and shiny already but my infatuation with pizza and love for coffee have taken its toll and my teeth have acquired a stained coat because of this.

Note to self: less pizza and coffee – not gonna happen is it, let’s be honest…
Day 1: I follow the instructions to the letter and find that I could only last the minimum swilling time of 5 minutes due to my mouth aching so much. I swill, pull, push and shake my mouth for the full 5 minutes waiting for the timer to beep before spitting the liquid into a bin and checking out the difference. Safe to say, there was no difference, it was wishful thinking! My teeth however did feel super smooth and they were literally squeaky clean. Despite the pepperminty taste, I still felt the need to brush and swill out my mouth afterwards.

For the next 13 days I continue using the product in the evenings and find that I can gradually work my way up to the full 15 minutes with no aching sensation which is great as now I feel I can get the full true effect. Not only is it helping my teeth, it’s great excersice for my cheekbones so kudos for the 2-in-1 product!

Day 14: I had purposefully waited to take an after photo with none in between to see the dramatic change I’d hoped for rthater than a gradual one, so here it is. The after photo.

A super smooth and super bright white smile to be proud of. Definitely a few shades lighter  and I feel they appear more defined. I have received numerous compliments and questions on how I get my teeth so pearly and it’s all down to this product. It’s brilliant and really does work, it would be well worth the money and the short duration it takes.

What’s better is you can keep it up with another box and just use them periodically too. Or if like me. You want even whiter teeth, you can subscribe for a fresh 2 week supply to arrive on your doorstep each fortnight!

 Website: www.mintycoco.com

Instagram: @mintycocoglobal

Twitter: @mintycocoglobal

*MintyCoCo provided me with a free 2 week supply of their product in return for an honest review on my blog. All thoughts and opinions are my own and are not endorsed by the company in any way. 

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