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A few of my lovely friends; Heather, Nicole, Dawn and I, went to visit Rye Cafe & Bar in Beeston after I got in touch with them with a special request which they very kindly catered for.

Now, this is not yet on the menu at Rye so it really was nice of them to conjure up something for me and I am so grateful that they catered for my request. It appears even though Beeston is full of cafés and places to get coffee and cake, none if them are open in a Sunday unless you fancy a Costa. Fortunately, Rye Cafe & Bar is open all week and til late some nights too, where you can try one of their delicious sounding cocktails out!

So, Rye very kindly put on an Afternoon Tea with Prosecco for me and my friends and this is how it went….

Walking up to the front of the shop, it looks almost out of place in Beeston, in a good way. It’s visually appealing and entices you to take a peek through the large glass windows. It’s the perfect place for people watchers to sit in the froth with a cup of one of the many variations of coffee and watch the world go by. With simple yet effective branding of the word, Rye, painted across the front and on the back wall of the venue, the colour scheme continuing throughout, you can tell there has been plenty of attention to detail applied when fitting the place out. It’s a gorgeous, cosy teal-grey, enhanced by emerald green tiled booths and softened by the light wooden bar just laden with unusual teas, ales and mouthwatering cakes. Mirrors and plant lots embellish the walls surrounded by gorgeous glass cube light fixtures hanging down and producing a warm ominous glow above the tabletops.



Greeted by friendly shop assistants, we placed our drinks order and were then shown to our booth. Shortly after getting comfortable our drinks arrived, I ordered a Gingerbread Latte and it was unlike any other Gingerbread Latte I’d ever had before. It was strong and topped with fine gingerbread pieces – makes my usual mainstream seem sub standard now. 

Enjoying the aroma of my gingery coffee, it was only a short wait until we were presented with not one but two, two-tiered cake stands, filled with an array of fruit scones, carrot cake and chocolate brownies. Followed then by a platter of filled sandwiches containing fresh egg mayonnaise, cheese, salmon and thickly cut ham topped with a homemade salsa. The bread alone was absolutely delicious, so soft and thick and certainly added to the flavour of the fillings. 

Presented also with a nice cold glass of Prosecco each, complete with raspberry, we said our cheers and tucked in. Conversation flowing about the upcoming festivities of Christmas, what else is on the menu at Rye (a lot of ridiculously tasty sounding dishes!) and reading up on the cocktail list we swiftly devoured the savoury platter and were eager to make a start on the sweets. 


As if the sandwiches weren’t enough already, fantastically fresh and filling, how could you resist a scone or a cake when they look that good?

The scones were the favourite and come highly recommended, with a crisp outer edge, scalded sultanas providing a tangy bitterness to the sweet and soft centre that was just asking to be smeared with clotted cream and jam.

A slither of carrot cake works well after the scone and takes the edge off the sultanas with the smoothest yet sweetest cream I’ve ever tried, matched with the citrusy and fresh zest and moist sponge, another 10 points to Rye on their cake making skills.

Finally, the chocolate brownie, which must have been every kind of chocolate amalgamated into one, finished the tea off nicely and if you weren’t full enough already, you will be after on of these. So rich and giving the tatsebuds the right amount of bitter and sweet flavours.

There is so much more to Rye than meets the eye, a cultured laid back venue for the coffee lovers which transforms into a classy pitstop for those who prefer a bit if a kick in their drink with their cool sounding cocktails.

The relaxed atmosphere alone is enough for me, I could quite happily have stayed until closing time, watching the people go by about their day and sipping on numerous cups of their wide range of teas wondering what to order off their delicious menu.

If you are in the area and looking for a place to meet, have a drink, have some hearty food or perhaps listen to some local live music, make this your place to go. You won’t be disappointed. 

Tel: 0115 9677779

Address: 66 High Road, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 2LF

Twitter: @RyeCafeBar

*Rye provided us with a discounted rate due to this being their first trial and also in return for a review on my blog.

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