Slimming with Slissie | Week One Update

Good morning and happy Tuesday… only 3 more days to the weekend, we can get through it guys!

Last week saw me introducing a new product named Slissie, you can read this post here to find out more.

So, after a few technical issues last night (as this was supposed to be a Monday update!) it’s just a quick one to let you know my first weeks progress.

Honestly, it hasn’t gone very well but it’s mainly my fault.

I experienced a slight issue with my device’s battery and had to wait for a new on to be sent out to me. I spoke with Lizzie herself who is such a pleasant person and was so helpful. It was great to speak with someone who is so passionate about their business and talk about the results she has had herself. The customer service I have received has been excellent so far and I’m really excited to continue with my journey as this device seems to be working a lot better than the first one.

The issue I had was that it would only ‘boil’ for 2 of the 4 seconds, not allowing a strong enough burst of flavour to alleviate my chocolate cravings unfortunately.

That being said I received my new on fairly quickly but due to some events and lunch dates planned, I figured I would end the week as id started it and gave up on the idea of using the Slissie until the week commencing Monday 2nd November.

Yesterday went pretty well though, despite my terrible lack of willpower in the previous week and I found myself turning down sugary sweets that were sat by the coffee area at work or the delicious homemade lemon and poppy seed cake available at lunch, its like everyone knew I was ‘back on it’ and were taunting me with delicious treats to see if I would cave – but I didn’t. So yesterday, Slissie was a hit for me and proved that it can work. It has only been one day though and I imagine like most diets, I will get to a point where I have low energy that only a Kit Kat can fix.

The challenge continues…

I’m still struggling with the breakfast eating as its a habit I NEED to get myself into so I had none yesterday, I was also slightly naughty and had 2 curries. Lunch saw me filling up on 4 bursts of Dark Chocolate flavoured Slissie 20 minutes before I dig into a Chickpea and Butternut Squash curry and again at around 6:30pm before my homemade Chicken Tikka Masala – with a naan bread and mini poppadum’s. Although there were a lot of carbs consumed, I actually still fell under my daily allowance of calorie intake so I tucked into a banana rather than my usual go-to cookie jar.

So here’s onto my first full week of Slissie, eating well and hitting hard at the gym. I have a spa day next Monday with the bestie so I need all the help I can get to shake off a bit of my winter weight!

Short and sweet I know but stay tuned for next Monday’s progress update , I have every faith in this product and I will be more than happy to then provide visual and numerical results to prove it.

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