Time To Make A Change | Slissie Update #1

On Saturday, I recieved this unusual contraption through my letterbox after the company got in touch and asked if I’d like to review their product – it’s called Slissie and it says it can help me cut 500 calories a day and potentially lose 1lb a week through training my bad snacking habits – how could I say no?! 


Slissie releases a tasty burst if appetite suppressing flavours to help distract you from eating things you really know you shouldn’t. 

Take Slissie with you wherever you go and use it as a tasty alternative to snacking.

Slissie works with you to overcome physiological snacking habits by making you feel less hungry. It works with the body’s natural mechanism to help achieve long lasting habit changes and make sustainable weight loss goals achievable. 

Slissie retails at Β£39.99 which provides you with the electronic devide, a USB charger, 3 different flavoured cartridges and an instruction leaflet in a well presented sleek box. I have to say, I’m a fan of the packaging and love the branding too.

So, What I thought I’d do is provide a series of updates on a weekly basis until I’ve used my Slissie up. Yesterday was a little bit different as I purposefully didn’t use my Slissie, I decided to go about my day and log exactly what I ate, how I felt, what time I snacked and my measurements. 
The morning saw me start with my worst habit, skipping breakfast, meaning I get to about 10am and start craving… so I started to munch on the chorizo flavoured crisps on my bag whilst watching a webinar at work. How bad is that – crisps for breakfast at 10am

Lunch was relatively healthy but it was a big portion. Chicken breast, egg & vegetable rice with green beans. I remember feeling full, which is strange as I never usually do, this didn’t stop the usual walk to the local supermarket and picking up my afternoon snacks

Practically as soon as I step foot back at my desk, I gorge on a tunnocks tea cake, crack open another bag of crisps (Prosecco & Elderberry flavour?!) and munch down almost a whole bag of snow bites. How I’m not the size of a house yet I will never know.

For dinner that evening, the Mr cooked his speciality spaghetti bolognese topped with Parmesan cheese, a side of garlic bread (my absolute weakness) and a bottle of full fat coke. (Just to clarify, on of those little glass bottles not a whole 2L of the stuff!) 

Deary me, writing that down now I realise I had a really bad day, I didn’t even go to the gym either, I can’t bear the thought if doing that every day any longer but here’s to hoping Slissie will help control my eating behaviours, minimise my massive meals and make me want to snack on fruit rather than constantly crunching on crisps

My aim is to eat a breakfast full of fibre, use my Slissie 20 minutes before I take my lunch break, 20 minutes before my evening dinner and as an when I start to crave the naughty stuff – including the numerous cups of black coffee I drink throughout the day in am attempt to reduce my caffeine intake too. Old habits, die hard! That’s the plan anyway…

I will provide facts and figures on Monday 2nd November as an update on my first full week using Slissie as a comparison to what I have started with on Monday 26th October. This will include before and after photos, how I’m feeling, how it’s worked through week one, any weight or inch loss whilst using Slissie and a general update on the actual use and experience of the product.

I’m quite excited about using this and seeing if it helps me kick crisps and chocolate to the curb and I’m looking forward to taking you on my journey and sharing the experience with you.

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