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Thursday night saw me and the Mr heading out to the official launch night of a ‘newhot dog joint in Nottingham City Centre – Filthy Dogs made it’s debut within Filthy’s, home to The Gypsy Lounge. Clearly seeing a gap in the market and branching out into food, this alternative venue will now be the perfect place for students and young-at-hearts to meet, grab a tasty bite to eat, sample some tasty cocktails and maybe even give open mic night a go.   With an everyday opening time of 5pm and live music 7 nights a week, Filthy’s now have a new menu to enhance the venue and the audience. 

If I were to describe the venue in one word, I’d choose alternative. No two walls are the same but the theme remains throughout. Laden with iconic band artwork and records, antiques and instruments, a piano playing shelf to numerous waxy whisky and spirit bottles, a mix-match of chairs, seats and light fittings, the words ‘ I Am Filthy ‘ painted across one of the walls adjoining the areas between the two bars together. It’s unusual yet cosy

  During the evening, we were treated to the acoustic vibes of the guitarist singing oldies with his own modern twist as well as some of our croony favourites in the charts today. He provided a mellow atmosphere as the volume was just right, it wasn’t quite background noise but you were able to hear yourself think. I wish I’d gotten the name of the artist, I reckon we may be seeing and hearing more of him in the future.

 Upon arrival, we were greeted at the door and provided with 2 drinks vouchers valid for a Licor 43 Cocktail or a Pint. Let me start by saying, I’d not heard of Licor 43 before but having done some research – it appears I’ve been living under a rock as it’s been around since 1942! Aptly named ‘Liquid Gold‘, Licor 43 enables you to taste the flavours of Cartagena, Spain. As the name suggests, the concoction is created by a unique blend of 43 ingredients of fruits, herbs and spices from across the Mediterranean

Imagine if you could taste Spain, add citrus notes, a hint of vanilla and a dash of caramel flavours and you have this incredible tasting spirit. It’s the perfect cocktail lovers companion and since sampling what was on offer at Filthy’s, I’ll now be investing in a bottle of Licor 43 to recreate the delicious drinking experience I had, albeit lethal (as it’s too tasty to have just one).

You can find out more about Licor 43 by clicking here

Treated then, to a number of the hotdogs off the new menu (which I love the branding of FYI) including, Classic New Yorker – a veggie sausage topped with the taste of NYC including Saurkraut, Caramelised Onions, Gherkin and American Mustard – I think this one was my favourite. Bacon-Bacon Dog – a pork sausage finished with bacon, more bacon and baconaisse. El Filthy Dog – we’re talking cheese, nachos, guacamole, salsa and jalapeΓ±os – an incredible hotdog combination if ever I did see one. Also sampling the sides of Beer Battered Onion Rings, which were brilliantly seasoned and superbly made, Bacon Fries, yep, you guessed it – fries topped with a shed load of bacon followed by Skin On Wedges, these would make their way onto my order, so crispy and perfectly peppery. The only qualm I have is the quality of the buns, that would be the only thing I’d change, I’d probably go for a crusty baguette style rather than the generic soft hot dog bun. 

I caught up with Elivia, a brand advocate for Licor 43 amongst other spirits, who informed me we would be trying an unusual drink consisting of Licor 43 and Cream in a miniature beer tankard. Feeling a little apprehensive about this strange sounding combo, down in one and it was surprisingly good! The flavours and silky texture went really well together – definitely worth a try. 3 cocktails and a crazy beer shot down, I had the opportunity to chat to the owners and creators behind Filthy Dogs, it was great to have spoken to them about their future ideas and the venue as well as being told a cheeky little secret but you will have to wait for a couple of weeks to hear about that. They are so passionate and enthusiastic about their work and it is quite endearing to see that. They continued to mingle with the crowd and introduce themselves and the new Nottingham Hotdog concept after they kindly ordered me and the Mr a full size version of our favourite dawg and a 4th cocktail – I couldn’t say no! I opted for the Chilli Cheese and what a good choice it was… No words necessary, just look at that photo…   

Filthy’s is well worth the visit if you fancy trying something new, hop on a train or tram and sample the new menu for yourself, if you go, let me know what you think! Have fun

Filthy’s Nottingham

13-15 Weekday Cross

NG1 2GB Nottingham

United Kingdom

Telephone: 0115 985 9023


Twitter: @filthy_dogs_


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