Life’s Too Short…

The past 3 1/2 years has been an absolute whirlwind. I met the love of my life, visited 5 new cities and 3 new countries, moved into our first home, got a cat, changed my career and started Sherry Scribbles after attempting numerous other ventures that just wernt… Me. 

I’ve come to the realisation that life really is too short to stay in one place. There is so much to see and do out there in the big wide world, moments to take advantage of, memories to capture photographically and places of absolute serenity to just switch off and be amongst it. 

There are so many people to meet too, some that are just as like minded and some who you can connect with instantly but you would never find them if you didn’t bite the bullet and get yourself out there. If we allow ourselves to come out of our shell and meet new people, the possibilities are endless. I’ve been speaking to some wonderful new people through blogging and it has boosted my confidence and given me a whole new network of people who support each other and help each other grow.

I think the following quote sums up my new found perspective on life perfectly and every week I am to do something different or visit a new place or speak to someone new. 

Life is too short to be spent in one place. Surround yourself with beautiful people in beautiful places.

Photo is my own taken on the beautiful island of Ko Samui, Thailand. One of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. 

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