Celebrity Style Pearly Whites | White Glo

Last month I had a 24 hour business trip to Germany, of which the majority of those hours were spent in airports where I found this product, White Glo, amidst the other generic toothpaste brands you would find in your local supermarket. I’d never seen or heard of it before so I whip out the phone in the middle of boots and check out some reviews. Turns out it’s menna be good! It’s been rated Australia’s No. 1 most effective tooth whitening product and was originally developed for actors and models. If it’s good enough for them, it’s definitely goi to be good enough for me.  

Leaving the store one bag heavier and Β£4 lighter I’m eager to read more about it and why it’s the go to brand for celebrities. 

Now, I drink ALOT of coffee, it’s really quite a bad habit but there’s a version of this toothpaste for that. It’s aptly labelled ‘Coffee + Tea Drinkers Formula‘. It tells me it helps to remove stains made from my precious caffeine fix, not thinking my teeth were a shade of dirty brown from my cup’o’joe, they certainly arnt radiant white either. It says it helps to prevent them from reforming and whiten and brighten your teeth, so here goes… a lovely unedited, unbrushed set of gnashers before using this ‘miracle’ toothpaste.

2 weeks after using it and I have seen results, I am impressed. Not ever thinking my teeth were in major need of whitening ( they really weren’t that bad I promise ) I’m now slightly disgusted at the fact they were not as white as they are now.   

Spot on the chin aside, there is a noticeable difference, I don’t know how many shades, I think they should include a shade chart within the box if I’m honest. Maybe they don’t because the outcome is THAT obvious?  What’s worse is the before photo makes them look like I haven’t brushed in years… Slightly embarrasing but a really good way to show how well this product works, well worth the Β£4 it cost me!   

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