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Yep, you read that correctly. There’s a new way to celebrate now Baker Days is about. This genius idea puts moonpig to shame being able to send that ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Thinking Of You’ or a ‘Congratulations’ in the form of a cake through the letterbox. I know what’s going through your head, I thought the same. A cake? Through my letterbox? How? Read on to find out more…    

 Baker Days, the personalised cake specialists, are creating gorgeous, not to mention, genius personalise cakes that can be sent just like normal post and fit through the letterbox. They have thought of everyone too, whether you are a vanilla or a chocolate cake kinda person. Can’t decide? You can have both with their Half & Half version. Bit of a Fruit Cake fan? That’s available too. They have even thought of those of us with intolerances to Gluten and Dairy. Even better is the fact they stay fresh for up to 2 whole weeks! 

With Baker Days, the cake is your..err…oyster!? That doesn’t really work but you know what I mean! You can personalise cupcakes or cakes ranging from 5″ to 12″ in size with whatever you like. Each cake also comes with a mini party pack which includes balloons, candles and a party blower. A huge range of added extras to help get the party started and give even more of a WOW factor are available with things like banners, helium ballons and bubbles. 

When I was asked if I wanted to review one of their letterbox cakes, two things ran through my head. First, who in their right mind would turn down cake and second, that scene in Friends where Rachel & Chandler are eating cheesecake off the floor. Just so you know neither of those happened. 


When I got home and found a plain white box waiting for me, the presumption that this would be my cake didn’t even run through my head so I was very surprised when I opened it. Inside, perfectly placed and a perfect fit was a lovely, very handy and reusable tin scribed with the words Just For You. That certainly made me feel special before I’d even seen the cake itself. Next to it, a cute miniature yet high quality card which was left blank to allow a handwritten message to be put inside, the party pack as mentioned above and a leaflet worth salivating over. So many pictures of cake! 

Open the tin and I find this…


This cake has my name written all over it… Literally. Mr. C didn’t find my joke very funny. Isn’t it just the cutest. After carefully ripping off the cellophane, which might I add seals in the freshness, the scent of vanilla fills the space around me and I had to try my hardest not to smush my face into it. You can easily cut this into 4 maybe 6 slithers unless your greedy little piggies like me and have half…

Now, after learning about table etiquette – I know it’s rude, to season your food, before one bite, you have even chewed – so I took my first mouthful and it was good. The image of Rachel & Chandler came back. It’s so good. I’m shocked though, I wouldn’t expect a cake that can fit through your letter box which has been made probably several days in advance before it takes it perch on my doorstep until I get home from work would be that nice. It’s moist (we all love that word don’t we!) and vanilla-ry – is that even a word?! The icing is sticky sweet and just to die for and I don’t even like icing but it compliments the crumbly vanilla texture beautifully. 

Baker Days, you have impressed me and I plan on using your services in the very near future. It’s a brilliant idea and moves away from sending flowers or chocolates. You can have so much fun with this and who doesn’t love cake?  

Yes, you read that correctly too. I am running my FIRST EVER competition where one of you lucky scribblers can win your very own personalised letterbox cake! Here’s how you can be in with a chance of winning…

The winner will be chosen by me next Friday so you have a week to enter! 

Good Luck x

9 thoughts on “Let The Cake See The Letterbox | Baker Days

  1. These cakes looks amazing! I would love one with my blog photo and logo on it, I’ve heard by my friends these cakes are so tasty and come perfectly made I would love to win one.

    Much love

    Amy xxx

  2. One of these gorgeous cakes would be an absolute perfect addition to our upcoming wedding party buffet. Two interlinked W’s in baby pink and baby blue to represent our last names and our chosen colour theme would be ideal!

  3. Who wouldn’t like to receive a little cake through the letterbox. Just hope a little doggy doesn’t get to it first. No chance!

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