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Happy Sunday Scribblers!

So i’ve been doing a lot of research about the best way to get fit, the easiest way to trade fat in for muscle and lose weight. I havent been happy with my body since i was 21. I must admit a lot has happened since then, a new job, moving into my first house with a boy and creating it into a home. Im not unhealthy but I certainly could be healthier and so ive decided to give myself a challenge over 2 weeks with a 3lb target to start with to see if it really does work.

Filling my brain with calorie calculations as to how many i should burn whilst running at a maintained speed with an incline for 1.5K should allow me to do just that, however, a contradicting post saying it gets harder to track weight loss as muscle weighs more than fat so im going to be measuring inches too.

After a couple of practice runs over the past few weeks and finding the thing that helps keep me going – ive landed on Spotify and their Running option (available on iphone, coming soon to android). It allows you to start running and works out your BPM and plays songs to help you keep running at that same pace. I recently found their Chase playlist though. AHH-MAZING. Its basically very dramatic music that makes you feel like you are in a movie scene running away from a villain or a zombie or a dinosaur if you wish! You can get your brain working too with all this imagination… 

Ive picked up a couple of things recently from Home Bargains to make sure i dont dehydrate whilst i ‘run for my life‘.

This pink water bottle (£1.99 instead of £8!) is so handy to carry with the loop on the lid and the moulded shape on the side of the bottle along with the thumb grip for when your thumbs get sweaty obviously… Its not one of those annoying bottles where you have to pop the top open and squeeze it to get a drop of water out. Its a hard casing which has a lid that covers a large mouthpiece which is perfect for me as it doesnt put me off my run trying to take a sip.  

I also got this handy little pink (of course…) microfibre towel by X-Tone (£2.49) to mop my brow when i start feeling the fire of the incline at 3K. Its not a burden to carry and fits snug in those compartments on a treadmill when rolled up. Not only that but it helps remind me why im doing this with text across it saying ‘Strength’, ‘Fitness’ & ‘Burn’. If your wondering about what i wear, keep on reading!

I brought an insanely cheap yet super cute and comfy sports bra from Lidl believe it or not and if  remember rightly is was less than £5.

The contrasting pink stitching along the black fabric caught my eye and matches the rest of my pink gym clothes.    Tesco have a range of sportswear which is where my grey cropped trousers and pink vest are from. I think they cost a little shy of £20 for the set. They are extremely comfy, i absolutley love the trousers, sorta feel like you’re wearing nothing at all!

Along with my trusty Nike Victory trainers… (I really should invest in some new trainers soon), im ready to go. Ill keep you updated after the first week. So that’s me over and out… for a run that is!

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3 thoughts on “Go Hard or Go Home | 5K Fitness

  1. Hi sherry! Great post! It reminded me, there’s an app called zombies run! I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, it plays out a story of a zombie apocalypse whilst you run, then every so often it’ll tell you that zombies are approaching, and you have to run faster to get away from them. Me an my friend were running round our neighbour good like lunatics for a few weeks! Great incorporation of HITT running! X

  2. Good for you but I won’t be signing up for running. I’ll just keep walking. Take care.Love from Nan and Grandad xxx

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