Happy Half-Year | 6 Months of Sherry Scribbles

6 months ago, I entered the wonderful world of blogging. 

I was a bit sceptical at first, there are quite a lot of us bloggers out there in the blogosphere now so I knew it was going to be a tough market to get into and engage people to want to read your thoughts. I needed to just dive in head first and give it a try, find my feet and do plenty of research! I didnt think it would take up as much time as it does and im still nowhere near where I want my blog to be but to me, its time well spent. The hardest part for me for every post that I write is the title!

I didn’t really know what I was doing when I started and to be honest, I still have a LOT to learn but boy do I love it! 

I feel I’ve made so much progress from when I first created ‘ Sherry Scribbles ‘ to being able to write engaging content that people take the time out to read. I sincerely want to thank each and every person who has become a part of my blog along the way as I couldn’t have done it without the initial support I have received from everyone. 

I’ve found something I truly enjoy. 

I look forward to writing my posts and getting them to the perfect point for publishing to share with you all and I am lost for words when I try to describe how I feel knowing you enjoy reading what I have scribbled. Its so overwhelming when I check my stats at the end of the day and read my comments from you, it makes me so eager to get the next one out there for you to read. 


I have already had some amazing experiences and incredible opportunities this past 6 months, not to mention those that are coming up in the pipeline and it really warms my heart knowing how far this blog has come in such a short space of time and it’s heading towards where I want Sherry Scribbles to be in a few years. 

My first post was about Ham Hock, Pea & Brie Parcels which didnt get a single view simply because I had no idea about tagging and advertising it on social media platforms. None the less, I enjoyed writing up what I had made whether anyone looked at it or not so I continued to do it.

After spending a lot of time researching how to make my blog the best it can be, I wrote my second post, Lancome Cleanse & Tone. People liked this! The excitement that I felt when I received a notification that someone liked my post or had followed my blog was amazing. That was what kept me going and continue to progress with Sherry Scribbles knowing that you wanted to see what happens next as much as I did.

So a massive thank you and here is to my first 6 months and hopefully to many, many more. Who knows what the future holds…

4 thoughts on “Happy Half-Year | 6 Months of Sherry Scribbles

  1. Hi Sherry
    Congratulations on your 6 month anniversary. I’ve been blogging for the same amount of time and absolutely love it. Met so many nice people in the blogging community ! Hope u continue to enjoy it and I look forward to reading more of your posts
    Ari 😊

      1. Thank u and thanks so much for the follow back. As a younger blogger it is a more tougher market out there but I just want to make people smile and remember what it is like to be young and enjoy the cute fun things in life. There will be plenty of time for me to have lots of teenage troubles !! Lol !! Have a great day 😊

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