Lazy Sunday | Sticky Thai Sweet Chilli Stir-Fry

Sometimes, it’s nice to have a lazy Sunday without the need to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen for a chicken dinner. Here’s a quick and very easy recipe for Sticky Thai Sweet Chilli Stir-Fry, perfect for any day of the week! 

What you will need:  

  • Tenderstem Brocolli (normal will be fine to use too!)
  • Green Beans
  • Pak Choi Leaves
  • Red Onion
  • Spring Onion
  • Tablespoon of Ginger
  • Thai Basil 
  • Birdseye Chilli
  • 1 Nest Egg Noodles 
  • Sachet of Sweet Chilli & Garlic Sauce

Optional Extras:

  • Prawns or Chicken 
  • Thai Red Curry Pasta

Start by boiling some water in a saucepan for the noodles, add a pinch of salt… Or even better for that spicy kick, a few chilli flakes! 

Heat up some oil in a wok or a large frying pan, I used coconut oil but olive or vegetable will be just as good.

Add the prawns or whatever has taken your fancy to the wok and let them sizzle. Here, I added a small amount of Thai red curry paste and a splash of water. Chuck in the ginger then after a minute, the red onion followed by the spring onion. 

  When you see that the onions are going soft, throw the broccoli and green beans into the mix. Now, I prefer my stir-fried veg with a bit of crunch, Al dente they call it, so when they are the right texture for you, I’d add in the sauce then. I cheated a bit with the sauce and used good old Blue Dragon – Sweet Chilli & Garlic to help create the stickiness I wanted for the dish.  After a couple of minutes allowing that to heat up, add the pak choi and let it wilt down whilst you chop the chilli. 

At the very last minute, sprinkle the chilli atop the stir fry and begin draining your noodles to serve in a bowl.  
Give the stir fry another last, well, stir and whether or not you want to strategically place the contents onto  the noodles like I did for the following picture is up to you but it did go a bit cold by the time I got to eat it! 

Recommendation: whack it all on top and enjoy πŸ˜„   

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