Aloe Aloe Aloe | Amphora Aromatics 

After a long day working at a roadshow in Leeds yesterday, I was so happy to come home to a lovely little package from Amphora Aromatics.

They sent me an extremely useful product, Seaweed & Aloe Gel which is a beauty essential to help remove eye makeup and revitalise tired eyes; perfect for my sore and sleepy peepers after a long day of travelling, presentations and bright lights! Just what I needed! It claims to rehydrate and restore the skin around the eye, remove makeup effectively and soothe and cool the skin after being in the sun.

Ive done it before so i will do it again, here is a natural photo. I have already used a facial wipe to take the makeup off from around my face and eyes so here’s hoping the gel will remove the remaider of it from my eyes.  I applied the gel on one eye using a cotton pad as instructed on the box and having learnt a technique from college NOT to rub the eye, i placed it gently onto the eye anf left it for 20 seconds then patted firmly and used the edge of the pad to wipe underneath my eye and across my eyelid. As you can see, it has taken the makeup off the eye and extremely easily! One bad point however, if this gets in your eye it stings for a bit! 

I am impressed. Not only has it been able to remove that leftover mascara from my lashes but it has a cooling effect on the skin and has certainly soothed the soreness from being tired. Im not sure a that there is a noticeable difference but my eyes feel fresher and brighter after having used this. 

As ever before, i love a product that does what it says its going to do and this is one of those products.

The texture, although slightly gloopy, spreads evenly and the pumper gives you the perfect amount to use per eye so there is nothing going to waste. 

There is an odd yet familiar smell to this and im presuming its the combination of the seaweed and aloe vera together. Slightly unsusual.

That aside, it’s now become part of my evening cleanse routine. Thanks Amphora Aromatics for another brilliant product out on the market! 

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