It Runs In The Family | Hannah Kimble

Happy Saturday Scribblers! 

I’m not usually one to post about a book review but this one is extremely special to me. My views on this will of course be biased as it was written by my beautiful nana, Patricia Pitt. 

I couldn’t be more proud of her to have published such a beautiful and phenomal read named Hannah Kimble. It’s a wonderful love story which has the ability to pull your heart strings and perhaps even shed a tear. It is set in the 1940’s around the time of the war and really sets the scene of that long lost romance I think deep down we all really crave.     

A story of love and betrayal set in the quaint Staffordshire village of Edingale in 1946.

Haunted by her past, Hannah Kimble has built an impenetrable barrier around herself. Life has been hard, with few pleasures. Hannah yearns for love or even a little affection. By chance, she meets the new owner of Edingale Manor, a charismatic American, Major Joshua Tyne. 

Has Hannah misinterpreted his actions towards her? Has she mistaken simple kindness for love? Then there’s the betrayal…

It’s a nice and easy read, I certainly couldn’t believe how quickly I’d finished it simply because I couldn’t put it down. Its full of everything a good book should be, parts make you laugh, parts make you gasp and some parts make you say Noooooo! 

It is available on Amazon and for only 99p for the downloadable Kindle version. It’s without a doubt worth every single penny and an absolute bargain for a holiday read! 

I won’t give too much away but for 99p and nothing but 5* reviews, you can’t go wrong. 

“I got totally immersed in it and have recommended it to several friends.”

“Unexpected, delightful and engrossing read.”

“A gripping story of reality.”

If you do purchase my Nana’s book, do let me know what you think and leave a review on Amazon. It’s an incredible feat for her first book to have gotten so many good reviews that she has made it onto the first page on the Unknown Authors section! Help her get to the top!   

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