Don’t Shoe Want Me Baby? | Second Chance Shoes

Let me start by telling you that 2 years ago, I celebrated NYE in style at Hogmanay in Edinburgh which is where it all began…

After trawling the internet and all the shops possible trying to find a pair of tartan heels to wear, I had no luck what so ever. I ended up buying a cute collared tartan dress from Ark and some tan brogues from Matalan instead. 

I still had my heart set on a pair of tartan heels but could not find a pair I liked for the life of me so I had the genius idea that I could somehow make them out of an old pair of black court heels and a check shirt I brought from The Salvation Army. Four hours later after cutting and sticking and trimming the edges, even I was shocked at the outcome. 

Feeling proud of myself, I went to show the mr and he asked me where I brought them from. The look on his face when I told him I made them was priceless. Here is the finished product… (I handmade the bows too!)

This later then turned into 6 hours of strategically placing Swarovski crystals onto a pair of old peep toe heels I had lying around in the spare cupboard under the stairs. 


So now, I have the honour and priviledge of customising my best friends alternative wedding shoes! We all know brand new plain white converse are to die for anyway but these ones will be encrusted with crystals and pearls along with (what I hope to achieve) pink and blue braided ribbon laces.   I have eight pairs of old and unworn for a long time pairs of shoes I plan on customising over the rest of the year so I will post updates and tutorials if anyone is interested in giving their shoes a second chance

What do you think about giving your shoes a new lease of life? 

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