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London Butterflies were ever so kind to send me this beautiful product to review and I am so grateful, thanks guys!   

If you havent heard of them before, the brand was created by Lubna Ahmad after a trip to the Middle East, realising a major gap in the market and the potential behind her business creating gorgeous products which are all manufactured in Suffolk, UK, using natural and fresh ingredients to bring together the beautiful textures and smells of the products. London Butterflies was born.

I opened up the package when I got home after work on a Friday evening and I was so excited. I ran a bath straight away and studied the product while I waited eagerly. A yellow compliment slip with a lovely quote in silver text about a butterfly read:

The Butterfly:
Goes wherever it pleases,
pleases wherever it goes.

 It was packaged beautifully in black tissue paper and enveloped with a cute silver butterfly sticker. Inside, a bold and brightly coloured box decorated with a stunning red butterfly and silver London Butterflies branding to the top and sides. The text informing me of what was awaiting underneath the lid, Body Butter SoufflΓ©, anything that has the word soufflΓ© after it is bound to be amazing. The ingredients made it sound good enough to eat, British Tundra Berries, Meadowsweet & Golden Jojoba Oil. 

 The gorgeous pot was encased in more shiny silver and black with the butterfly logo making a statement on top and L O N D O N Butterflies written across the glass of the jar itself. Inside a gorgeous pink cream enticed me. Upon opening the body butter, I was enthralled by the incredible scent of the product. It took me to a tropical island. I just couldn’t stop myself to finally use it.

After my much needed soak, I couldn’t get dry quick enough. I read the directions for use and applied directly to my skin and used firm, broad strokes until it was fully absorbed. I felt soft and smelt great. It left me with a smile even the Cheshire Cat would be jealous of. Another product that does what it says on the tin…(box!). Something else I love about this product is that a little goes a long way so you can gauruntee it will last more than a couple of uses. This bears down to the thick and creamy texture and the ability it has to soak into your skin when you spread it across. It makes you feel so soft and moistoirised too. Those pesky dry patches are long gone!  


London Butterflies’ wonderfully silky air whipped body butter is light and super absorbing. Enables skin nourishment without excessive pulling or stretching. Nutrient rich Shea butter and deeply soothing Vitamin E, offers rich luxurious hydration all day. Golden Jojoba Oil naturally restores and highly enriches with antioxidants. Freshly fragranced with lemon and sweet orange oil, invites daily use and leaves the skin feeling divine.

It is wonderful. It is light. It is super absorbing. I do feel luxurious and divine every time after using this! 

I cannot rate highly enough the Body Butter SoufflΓ© by London Butterflies and I have the overwhelming tempatation to discover the whole range. 

If you want that little bit of affordable luxury in your life, don’t hesitate buying this product, it really is worth it. It’s not very often I find a product that makes me beam from ear to ear at the thought of getting to use it again. You can buy the products directly by clicking the following link to take you to – www.londonbutterflies.com

Thanks again to the lovely people for sending me this product and opening my eyes to a new world of British heritage πŸ™‚ 

Have you tried London Butterflies before? What were your thoughts? 

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