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So with a birthday, a break to Budapest and a busy week at work I’ve had no time to blog – (there’s some alliteration if ever I did see it!) so I thought I’d treat you all to a new post for a nice chilled weekend read about – cue more words that start with B – the brilliant Benefit Beauty Box (available from Birchbox for just £25.50) called How To Look The Best At Everything in the medium shade.  

I bought it as a birthday gift from me, to me and I’m so glad I did. I will admit I am a newbie when it comes to makeup, especially when we’re talking foundations and powders so in all honesty I didn’t really know what I was buying or how to use it but the description on the website informed me there was a handy Tips & Tricks guide inside which put me at ease. Sold.

One of the major reasons in buying this kit was the Boi-ing concealer as it claims to reduce the dark circles from around your eyes which is something I’ve been trying to do for years now and being a strong believer of things that do what they say on the tin I wanted to give it a go but didn’t want to buy the full size just incase it didn’t meet my expectations.

Another great selling point with this little kit is that the products inside are “sample size” giving the opportunity to try it all out without the expense of buying the full size products individually. That said, they do go a long way and are a handy solution to taking them in your hand luggage when you travel! I love the look and feel of the kit too, it keeps everything all in one place and looks neat and tidy on my dressing table.


I was still a little apprehensive as to whether a foundation first timer could go from looking like a clown who’s just been tangoed to a flawless photoshopped portrait you see in the magazines in 4 simple steps. 

So there is a before and after photo a little further down, purple Chanel bags included..

Step number 1 

  • The Porefessional in I’m So Money, Honey – A tinted primer to cover up those stubborn little spots and blackheads that just won’t leave. Literally following this guide to a T to avoid looking like I’d let a 4 year old loose on my face, I dotted a sensible amount of this as per the picture. A dot on the tip of my nose, both cheeks, my chin and my forehead after I’d cleansed, toned and moisturised of course. It didn’t say much else so I felt a bit stuck already with these dots on my face but soon learnt you have to pat them across the facial area. Done.

Step number 2 

  • Hellos Flawless! Oxygen Wow Foundation in I’m So Money, Honey – A liquid facial brightener with pump action. Quite runny consistency so a little goes a long way. I love this step though. Never thought I’d be saying that! The guide tells you to apply to the centre of your face, the photo looks like a streak across both cheeks so I did that instead. Then using an up and out motion with my hand to spread across to avoid any lines and apply evenly. Done.

Step number 3 

  • Boi-ing in shades 2 & 3 – Quite sticky in texture but only a small amount is needed. Apply 3 dots under your eye where those dark circles lurk, doesn’t have to be exactly 3 – I’ve become an expert at this part now – and blend both shades to create the perfect cover up by dabbing over any imperfections. Done.

Step number 4 

  • Hello Flawless! Powder in I’m Cute As A Bunny, Honey – Probably the softest and finest powder I’ve ever seen in my life. Using the cute little brush provided, sweep across the whole of your face, I use the same motion as when applying the liquid and especially under the eyes to seal it in. Done.

The final result…  

  Both the photos are unedited and taken in the same spot opposite my bedroom window to use the natural light, as you can see there is a major difference. My purple peepers are no longer as prominent and my blotchy skin now has an even tone all over. My blemishes now banished for the day under these wonderful products and I feel a million dollars. 

I always find with other brands I have tried, I can feel that I am wearing makeup but with this I cant. It isn’t heavy, sticky, oily, obvious or annoying. 

I can’t recommend this enough both to newbies and avid beauty experts, this stuff truly is the works. I am so impressed with the quality and the results that the full sizes are on order! 

Next stop… Learning to contour! 

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