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Have you ever heard of Office Pantry? I hadn’t either until i spoke to a very friendly guy named Giles who very kindly gave me the opportunity to try some of the snacks available within one of the beautiful hand crafted wooden boxes.  I received a bag of Hectares Sweet Potato Crisps – Lightly Salted, Roberto & Giuseppe’s Pastinos – Chianti & Olive, Get Fruity – Scrumptious Strawberry and a Marshfield Caramel Shortbread.

The sweet potato chips didn’t remain unopened for long after showing my other half the goodies i received, i can understand why he was so excited though. They were delicious. I am not usually one to go for salted crisps and tend to steer clear of it when it comes to seasoning but i was surprised. The saltiness compliments the sweet potato flavour perfectly and makes you eager for the next one and the next one and the next one. They were so crunchy too and that to me is a big thing when it comes to crisps.

I am definitely a savoury kind of girl and i do love a good crunch to my snack so this passed the test in my opinion. Certainly passed the Mr’s too!

I decided on having the fruit bar for breakfast on my way to work the day after as i presumed it would be quite filling and a good snack to substitute a bowl of cereal for. As moreish as it was i wasn’t overly keen on the flavour. Ive never been too much of a fan of strawberry so maybe i am not the best person to talk about it but i love the idea behind the snack itself and would love to try the other flavours available. I enjoyed the texture and i loved that it made me feel full until lunchtime which is a major thing in my world!

We demolished the shortbread in 0.0256 seconds I’m sure of it! Caramel is one of my favourite things and so is shortbread so this is a match made in heaven in my eyes. Although me and the boyfriend decided to share this, i ended up unfortunately worse off as he took the first bite leaving me with about 1/3 of the deliciousness to savour. Savour i did. More please!

I have saved the best till last. From this point forward i am only writing in short sentences. Those Pastinos. That flavour. That smell. That crunch. That lingering taste.

The fact that every single one tasted different. The fact that you got the mixture of beautiful luxurious chianti and mouthwateringly ripe olive together and individually.

Aside from the fact, I love Italian food, wine and people, the opportunity to enjoy the taste of one of my all time favourite snacks, the olive, along with the rich flavour of Italian Chianti coming through whilst working on a spreadsheet at work made it so much easier. I could eat my work woes away with these wonderful pasta snacks. A lifetime supply of these would go down a treat.

I am currently leading a project in my workplace which involves our restaurant area so I am most excited to include the option of an honesty box by Office Pantry within my business case in the hope we can bring them on board and allow all employees to savour every last crumb of their snacks like I did.

Again, a huge thank you to Giles from Office Pantry for letting me trial these products, I hope we can work together again in the future because I think im developing withdrawal symptoms from those Pastinos already…

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