Birthday Wishlist | Monday 1st June 

Never done a wishlist before but over the last couple of weeks during my shopping trips I have been taking photos of things I had every intention to buy for myself over the rest of the year but thought I would collate into a birthday wishlist in the hope that my lovely boyfriend might just happen to read it and take note of some of the following beauties! 

I’ll be turning 24 on Monday 1st June this year, the same day that Marilyn Monroe would be turning 89! I love sharing my birthday with one of the most iconic women ever to have lived. 

Anyway, I took a trip to good old T.K.Maxx last Saturday and saw these four gorgeous items:

  • Carvela Bag, can you believe it is only £35 instead of £79! 
  • Red Miss KG Heels, £29.99 instead of £76.99 
  • Blue Guess Heels, £37.99 instead of £85
  • COFFEE! In flavours chocolate mocha, southern pecan, cinnamon hazelnut and French vanilla all £4.99 each.

It was love at first site with all of these. 

I’m a huge fan of Kurt Geiger and have owned a few pairs of Miss KG and Carvela shoes in my time, some I still have because they are so hard wearing. Worth every penny! This bag is just to die for, absolutely gorgeous and a timeless classic piece that would compliment any outfit.  

A girl obviously has to own a pair of heels in every colour under the sun and that is a well known fact. Men just don’t understand a woman’s need for shoes. The red and blue would make marvellous additions to my shoe family and would be head turners when worn with an LBD. 

I’m starting to think I need to be attending coffee anonymous meetings with how out of hand my love for the beverage is getting. Hit me up with those flavours though, don’t they sound divine?!   

I’ve totally fell in love with this colour. So simple but yet so statement and looks as though it can be worn for both work and play.   

  • Too Faced Beauty Blogger Darlings, £14 from Too Faced.

What a brilliant idea and a gorgeous little kit. I’ve recently started trying out Too Faced as a brand so I’m extremely interested in trying these other essentials out and for only £14, that’s a steal!   

You can’t go to the ball in rags now can you! If you couldn’t tell, my favourite colour is pink! These pieces are just beautiful and a plus side is they would get their use out of them as I go away to Budapest on the 4th and they would be lovely for the evenings out. 

Only time will tell… 

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