The Secret To My Shine | Garnier Ultimate Blends

Recently, I was given the opportunity to try out these beauties by Garnier. 

They are all part of a gorgeous new range by Garnier, this particular range is called The Marvellous Transformer and leaves your dull, dry locks soft and shiny. 

The products include:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • 1 Minute Mask (x2)
  • Oil

The ingredients within the products contain Morrocan Argan Oil & Camellia Oil. I am very aware of Morrocan Argan Oil as I use it every other day currently in my hair care regime so I know it’s a reputable product and I’ve read some great things about Camellia Oil and it’s uses so I was very excited to see how Garnier can help me get that glow! 

I used the shampoo by lathering it up and giving my roots a good old scrub like you get at a salon for about 3 minutes, I’ve gotten into this habit to try to stimulate my follicles for hair growth, it gets really foamy but it smells divine. 

After rinsing, applying the conditioner throughout my hair as normal but again massaging my scalp for 5 minutes to promote growth (hopefully!) This makes my hair already feel silky smooth and again, smells gorgeous.

Wringing out the excess water from my hair ready to apply the 1 Minute Treatment throughout my locks. This is a lot thicker than the conditioner but a little does go a long way, I manage to do my whole head with a palm length of squeeze! I tend to rub it into my hands and slide down the hair before combing it through, then I leave it on while I do the rest of my usual shower stuff and rinse it out when I’m done. I LOVE this treatment. I no longer have dry or brittle ends thanks to this product. I am so impressed I’ve managed to try a product that does the one thing I’ve wanted a product to do for me for the past year. 

After towel drying my hair, I put a few drops of the Glow Oil through the blonde & brunette barnet ready to blow dry. This stuff helps protect against heat damage up to 230 degrees so it’s really a great product and enables you to not have to them apply a heat protection onto your hair too. You can use it as a finishing serum too, providing you don’t use too much though. 

I am so pleased I was able to trial these products and have since been and stocked up on them. I absolutely love the shiny softness it gives to my hair and has given me another reason to rave about Garnier 


Sooooo shiny!  

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