A New Found Love For Film | The Northern Light Cinema

Last night I had one of the best nights out I’ve had in a long time. It didn’t include much wine or a loud busy nightclub culminating in a hangover and a waste of a Sunday, which means I can write about my experience today. 

It involved a lovely drive through the Derbyshire Dales into Wirksworth, which in itself is time well spent when you have hours worth of views like this.    Arriving at our destination and into one of the cutest little villages, it had me at the welcome sign, until we approached the main reason we were there in the first place. The Northern Light Cinema.    I was in love. From the retro posters and the record machine to the classy bar area and hand painted floor, it was love at first sight. 

I never knew places like this existed and it has made me so happy to have been able to experience. If cinemas were all like this, I would never leave. It puts mainstream cinemas to shame.   The Northern Light Cinema only has one screen and if you are thinking about going, I’d recommended you book in advance. They show films Wednesday-Sunday and it holds around 52 people. The 40 seats at the front are up cycled 1930’s style theatre seats, there is a row of ridiculously comfortable armchairs and a row of sofas at the back, of which there is an individual cushion showing a still and a quote from some of the most iconic and classic films. Being Back To The Futures biggest fan, I was amazed to have gotten the seat with Dr Emmett Brown printed on it! It was meant to be.    Before heading in to watch our film, we enjoyed a bottle of prosecco and tapas which were delicious and very well presented on engraved wooden boards. I can highly recommend the Spanish broth, extremely tasty along with the olives. The dishes all compliment each other exquisitely. You can even take these in with you so I was able to enjoy my bottle of bubbly with the film rather than having to worry about finishing it quickly.  

Once seated and before the film was due to start, one of the staff was selling Bluebells Ice Cream, how could I resist!? I went for the sticky toffee flavour but it was a tough desicion out of the others. It was so yummy and worth every penny of the £2.50 it cost. 

There are a couple of adverts for some upcoming films along with some footage of the making of the cinema with testimonials of guests and then a short silent film before the feature. 

You can really relax and curl up in the screen area. You feel right at home. You can laugh, you can gasp and you can cry because it is so comfortable. I can just imagine how romantic it would be if you go with a loved one and book the 2 seater sofas at the back, you can cuddle up with a glass of red together.

A massive thank you to The Northern Light Cinema for restoring my faith in film, now I know I can experience a movie in this way, I can never go back to standard cinemas again. It won’t be long before I’m coming back through your door. 

A spot of advice, if you go in the evening, be sure to look up at the sky when you leave. Beautiful. 

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      1. The film they’re showing the date we’re there is central intelligence…. Not one I’d pick but want to go for the experience!

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