Degusta Box | March 2015

A couple of days ago, I recieved my first ever Degusta Box. I was so excited when I received my text saying it had been delivered that I even skipped the gym that day to get straight home to see what goodies were inside! 

If you haven’t heard if it before or are not quite sure what you are going to be reading below – Degusta is a monthly subscription box for those foodies amongst us to enjoy new flavours and brands that hit the market or are about to. It’s a wonderful idea for people to try new things and it’s definitely a talking point with your friends and family. Take a look at the website here. You have a set of questions to answer based on your likes and dislikes ect which helps create what goes in your box – why not give it a try! 

I was expecting it to be a massive box but it was quite small, everything is packaged really well inside and looks like the packagers play a game of Tetris with each box! 

I love the design and little icon details over the front of the box along with the branding on the inside too. 

So what’s inside….



  • Jordan’s Lighter Granola Strawberry & Blueberry – £3.99
  • Kents Kitchen Jalfrezi Meal Kit – £2.59
  • 2 x Pasquier Baked Bread Bites (bacon) – £0.50 ea
  • Original Bayrische BBQUE Sauce – £4.00
  • Maynards Sour Patch Kids Sweets – £1.00
  • Jelly Babies Berry Mix – £1.29
  • 2 x Lindt Lindor Assorted Mini Eggs  – £2.00 ea
  • Juice Burst Skinny Mango & Lime – £1.25
  • Juice Burst Cranberry – £1.49
  • Natvia Natural Sources Sweetner – £4.00 (for 40)
  • 2 x Crabbies Cider Raspberry & Rhubard and a Dark Cherry – £1.50 ea

Box Total = £26.11 Box Cost = £4.99 Box Saving = £21.12 

This box subscription usually costs £12.99 which would have gave you a £14 saving so it’s ok but I wouldn’t usually buy any of the sweet products as I’m a savoury kinda girl.

Honestly, I wasn’t overwhelmed with the box. I think I was expecting more savoury things to try but I’m basing that having read previous reviews from other bloggers. 


I’m not usually a breakfast/cereal eater, I tend to have a homemade smoothie but I have been very impressed with this. It has a lot of flavour, is healthier than most cereals and turns the milk a tasty purple mixture of strawberry and blueberry! I think a bag this size for £3.99 is a bit steep though as it doesn’t last long when there is 2 of you eating a bowl each morning. What I’m going to try is to use a small amount in my smoothies each morning to thicken it up and add some fibre. So, sorry Jordan’s but you haven’t converted me this time.


 I’ve seen a lot of hype around Kents Kitchen products and they seem to be a recurring brand within Degusta Box. I made this the night I recieved it and it was very quick and simple to make. I loved the garlic oil, the chicken really soaked up the garlicky flavour and being a garlic fan, this was a winner. The ‘paste‘ was quite runny unlike some pastes I have used before and it doesn’t stretch very far either, considering the label says it serves 2-4 I can’t see how it could be used for more than 2 people. It is not very saucy and doesn’t give the thick texture you usually get with other curries. The spice pot was pretty cool, I’m not 100% sure what some of the spices were but it smelt aromatic when I put them in the pan! Another note, I would not have said his was a Jalfrezi, there was no real spice or usual Indian flavour that I’m used to. Although I loved the oil, I’ll be buying that separately, sorry Kent. 


 This sauce. That says it all really. It is absolutely delicious and I’m not a barbecue lover! I’d not heard of the brand before I recieved this but I have excellent views on them already. After looking on their site and trying to translate to English using my GCSE German, they have quite a few varieties which I really want to try after tasting this sauce. I would say £4 is expensive for a bottle of BBQ but it’s worth every penny for a taste as good as this. 


 The Mr and I enjoyed these bottled beauties with our Jalfrezi. After a quick taste of each we made our desicion. He had the Dark Cherry flavour and I took the Raspberry & Rhubarb. The dark cherry flavour was nice but it was the sweet refreshing taste of the raspberry and rhubarb that won it for me. It doesn’t taste like most ciders and doesn’t leave that horrible aftertaste I find you usually get which is a bonus. The flavours compliment each other and with every sip you get a hint if both of them coming through so neither of them is a dominant taste. It is raspberry with rhubarb it certainly was and. The cherry flavour seemed a little thicker in texture to the other one and had that bitter cherry taste – in a good way! I just preffered the other.


 I’ve tried Juice Burst drinks before and wasn’t too keen on the tastes or their choice of flavour combinations so I was a little skeptical when I saw these. One of them is a skinny version at only 99 calories for the bottle, still more than a can of Dr Pepper Zero and less enjoyable. My honest opinion, terrible. The flavours just do not go, maybe it is because it isn’t full of sugar but there was an odd flavour and certainly a lasting sour taste in my mouth even hours after drinking, it just wouldn’t budge. The normal cranberry one was alright. It’s not a drink I would choose to have everyday or over other juice brands I’ve tried before but I would choose it over my beloved coca cola going forward. It’s basically cranberry juice but with a bitter-sweet taste that lingers. 


 I have actually switched to Sweetner instead of sugar in my coffee at work after realising how many I drink a day, it was starting to add up! Sweetner however, is just Sweetner to me, I can’t tell the difference between this and tescos own in all honesty. I don’t think I’ll be buying a box of 40 sticks for £4 after I’ve got through these though as I really don’t think there is any difference to other zero calorie brands I’ve tried. 


 I’ve tried one pack of these and they took me a couple of hours to get through. I didn’t enjoy them. The bacon flavour is more artificial than a pack of frazzles! It’s basically a bag of croutons with seasoning on them. I don’t eat a lot of bread normally which could have swayed my opinion but I have a feeling the other bag is gonna be that leftover bag of crisps that stay in the cupboard until you move house. 


 The Sour Patch Kids were opened straight away without hesitation and they certainly were SOUR! Extremely tasty and juicy though. Obviously full of sugar so not good for those who are trying to be healthy… Of course, for the purpose of this review, I had to try them! Not being a lover of Jelly Babies either (yes I know) I wasn’t excited by these. They taste like berries but they are still jelly babies. I’m not changing my mind any time soon. 


 Finally Lindt… beautiful, beautiful Lindt chocolate. Lindt Lindor chocolate would make me fail any diet I try. I have a highly valued opinion if Lindt. They are an affordable luxury chocolate brand and tend to be so delicious. I have to say, I wasn’t blown away by these. They aren’t your traditional lindt style chocolate and for £2 I won’t be buying people these for Easter as they just aren’t proper Lindt. Im coming for you chocolate bunnies! 

So that’s it, my review in the Degusta Box for March 2015. 

More like a rant about what I don’t like and how I haven’t really enjoyed my items too much. Out of ten, I’d score it a 5. Sorry guys at Degusta, I know you tried but maybe next time eh?  

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