A Paw-sitively Purr-fect Idea 

We recently introduced a new member into our home, a kitten named Patch. He has been getting very jealous of me lately spending all my time blogging about makeup and human food that i felt he needed to know that, although i love writing my posts, i love him more.

Today, there was a very special delivery that came to the door especially for little Patch from PetShop.co.uk. They have such a clever idea with their Bottomless Bowl. Its basically a subscription box but for pets. You can add the items your pet usually likes or, with the great low prices, pick out a few new things to try and arrange for a delivery every so often so your furry companion, be it cats, dogs or any other pet, always has his favourites in his food cupboard.

As you can tell by his face he was so excited. Even i was excited to see what was inside for him. There was such a cute little detail on the box which says ‘Parcel for a V.I.P’. He is definitely a very important pet!


Patch helped me open the box as he was just so eager to get inside and see what delicious treats were waiting for him. It was very carefully packed and he loved digging through the shredded cardboard, it was like a little treasure hunt.

IMG_0848_2Patch couldn’t wait to taste test all his new goodies so we got straight to it! Below is a run-down of the products within his little box.


Patch received 2 cans of Chicken Fillet Almo Nature Cat Food. They state that they use only the best ingredients and add those vital vitamins and minerals to keep your pet healthy. Not only that but they are a cruelty free and eco friendly brand too! When Patch finally gave me a chance to open up one of the tins for me to put into his food bowl for him, i was so surprised at what was inside. It looked and smelt good enough to eat myself. It oozes freshness and makes me feel that it is a more healthier option than his current favourite run of the mill Whiskas. There is enough for 2 meals in these little cans, for a kitten anyway, so they are excellent value for money at only £0.82p a tin.

IMG_0856_2Also included was a good sized bag of 70% Free-Run Chicken Canagan Cat Food. Ive tried Patch with Canagan canned food before and he loved it so this was a definite winner already. Its quite tough to get hold of unless you go to non-mainstream pet shops or order it online which tends to be quite pricey. I know Canagan is more expensive than most brands but it is worth ever single penny spent. Their food is so wholesome and contains all those beneficial nutrients to support your pets health. It says on the website the following statement.

Even the fussiest of pets will be licking their plates clean!

I can vouch for that! Patch is an absolute fusspot when it comes to his food and his serving of this was devoured within minutes. At only £4.49 a bag on the Online Cat Supplies website too, you can’t go wrong and will definitely get a weeks worth out of a 375g bag for a kitten as they are so wholesome and filling.

IMG_0855_2As if the other items weren’t enough already, Patch also received a bag of some of his favourite treats Dreamies Cat Treats! He hasn’t tried this flavour before so i was eager to see his reaction considering he is very particular about the ones i buy. He really enjoys the yellow bag usually which are a cheesy flavour. These ones were chicken & duck flavoured and guess what… he loves them! He was even purring when i put the bag down next to him. He is a big chicken fan so i knew he wouldn’t turn his nose up. I tend to buy these from the local supermarket for about double the price of PetShop.co.uk as they sell for just £0.99p which is an absolute bargain!

Safe to say, i now have a very happy and full up kitten 🙂



Now, after stuffing his cute little face with all this delicious food, he received 2 sparkly jingly balls within the box for him to play with so he can work off all those calories chasing them around the house, while i tell all my friends with pets all about this amazing subscription box for pets and give them the 5% off code which was in the box too.



I’m so happy with the first box and I’m pretty sure Patch is too! Its such a great little idea and in no time will he be ordering of the menu online himself! He sends lots of purrs and kisses to the guys over at PetShop.co.uk for his yummy dinner and treats today. He’s all tuckered out now after playing with his toys and has gone for a cat-nap.

I would highly recommend using this subscription service, it saves time and means you don’t have to struggle carrying all those tins, boxes or bags of food, bags of litter or those 350 toys you just had to buy! You can have your order delivered every 2 weeks and up to every 12 weeks which is brilliant if you order enough to last until your next one and with prices as good as theirs, you can’t afford not to! Whats even better is that there is no commitment. You can cancel at any time so why not give it a try and see if you are as happy a customer as Patch is and decide whether its for you or not.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and Patch will be sure to answer in his best meow 🙂

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