A Revelation in Roller Lash 

You  may have read my latest post about my first ever Birchbox, this post is about the Benefit Roller Lash mascara which I was able to choose out of 3 when I made my subscription. 

Described as creating girly, fluttery and flirtatious lashes, it seemed the best choice for me out of the BADGal Lash and the They’re Real! mascaras I could have gone for. 

As it has been Comic Relief at work today and I had to dress as a cowgirl, to take focus off the silly outfit I thought I’d give this mascara its debut appearance. 

I have had too many compliments to put a number on today! People asking me “what mascara do you use?” and telling me my lashes look fabulous, amazing and incredible to name a few. 

I must admit, I am not a makeup wearer so it goes without saying its a noticeable difference when people are used to the above photo. 

My eyes definitely look more defined and girly so the box tells the truth. The wand of the mascara itself probably takes a lot more skill than I have and a technique which I am going to be googling straight away. 

It’s a very smooth texture too which means no clumps or smudges. The wand brush is a perfect curved shape to give those lengthened ends we all desire and does not snag on the lashes either, just intricately goes to work on each individual lash and although I’ve never been to fond of the plastic ones, this has changed my outlook! 

It’s safe to say, compliments aside, I am very pleased with this mascara and I do see what all the fuss is about. I am going to purchase the full size version of this product as I cannot believe the transformation let alone the slight confidence boost it has given me. For only £19.50 too, it’s a steal. You can buy and try it for yourself by clicking here. It could be one of the best investments you should make this month. 

Thank you Benefit for this masterpiece. 😄

5 thoughts on “A Revelation in Roller Lash 

  1. Hi Sherry! I’ve just bought this mascara after reading about it on your blog 🙂 thanks for the recommendation it’s great! I wouldn’t normally spend this much on a mascara and kinda thought most mascaras were the same but I bought this with my boots points and I was surprised, it actually lifts the lashes and makes them curl, it’s fab! No eyelash curlers required! Thanks Sherry!

    1. Hi Lauren, ahh that’s so great to hear! I know it’s expensive but it really is worth every penny and makes you realise you get what you pay for too! Thanks for reading, really glad to hear I’ve helped too! Enjoy! Xx

    1. It really is! I’ve tried out a Christian Dior one before, the one with the electric rotating brush which is double the price of this and only half as good! I’m in love with this mascara and thank you so much 🙂 xx

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