You’ve been hit by a Smoothie Criminal…

Sometimes the realisation suddenly hits you that you eat a lot of rubbish. Not enough fruit anyway. After speaking with a few friends who do that Juice Plus thing, I decided I’d treat myself to a blender so I can make my own juices and smoothies with the aim of eating (drinking!) myself healthy.

After scouring the Internet and the shops I came across a blender I know a few of my work colleagues have. It was a good price for a first timer too, I couldn’t not buy it. I settled for the Breville Blend Active which is a personal blender and comes with 2 600ml leakproof bottles, perfect for me and the Mr. At only £25.00 from Tesco, it was a steal!

It’s really quite small so it doesn’t take up too much room in the kitchen either. It’s also not as noisy as I was expecting it to be, you know when you go to Costa and you have an Iced Latte Machiatto and they put it in the blender… It’s a little quieter than that! 

I was far too excited to get this home after finding myself a few tasty recipes to try. My first attempt I chose Blueberries, Curly Kale, Grape Juice & Ice. It only has one speed but this is enough, I was very impressed that it managed to crush down the ice cubes. 

For me to only spend 1 minute each morning to make this delicious and very healthy drink, it’s definitely something I think I’ll be sticking too. 

If you have any recipes worth a try, leave a comment below 🙂 

3 thoughts on “You’ve been hit by a Smoothie Criminal…

  1. I have purchased one of these! Saw it for a good price and knew that you rated it so we went for it. I look forward to trying it out! Thanks Sherry

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