Week 2 Update | Lancôme Cleanse & Tone

14 days already! This time has flown by…

Some of you might be aware of my other 2 posts based around the Lancôme Galatais Doucher Duo and how I want to see if and how soon changing your routine would benefit. 

I must admit I was skeptical after my first update as it made me breakout a little and didn’t provide a long lasting effect, I feel differently now though. 

It might just be me but I see a ‘tighter’ face around the chin and forehead and really think it has started bringing out the natural radiance we all crave so bad. 

The spots have gone away and the oily area on my nose seems to stay at bay during the 8 hours in at work. I think it was my skin getting used to the products, especially the stingy toner which doesn’t seem so stingy anymore!

Please note, this is purely on natural skin, I do not cover up with any sort of makeup so I can confirm the effects are if this product alone. 

Only halfway through and I’m already excited to see an even bigger difference over the next 2 weeks.
Do you see a difference? 

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