The Artist Who Has My Heart…

There is this guy. His name is Ben. He is my wonderful boyfriend of almost 3 years now. He has a talent. He can draw. Like, really draw. 

When we first met, I’ll hold my hands up and admit, I did the Facebook stalk to see what he was all about. He had an album simply called Drawings. Now, he already had me with his profile photo, looking smooth taking a break holding his snowboard… But these drawings. 

I am lucky enough to watch them grow and blossom now and help with ideas. See his passion and the amount of time, effort and detail goes into these A3 sheets of art. It makes me feel special when he asks what I think, showing me the start of a new sketch that I’ve not yet seen before. 

I am so proud to see he is getting himself out there, advertising his brand, creating his website and sharing his work on social media. 

I know I will be biased towards him as he is the one who has my heart but why not take a look for yourself…
Instagram: inklin_illustrations 

Or simply let me know what you think below πŸ™‚

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