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Today I had a long overdue date with my best friend and after working up an appetite with all the shopping, we decided on visiting Jamie’s Italian for some lunch. 

After perusing the menu outside and realising we were practically salivating we headed inside and asked for a table for 2. A friendly waitress took us to our seats and informed us someone would be over shortly to take our orders. 

It all sounded so good it took me a while to make my desicion but there was no hesitation on my drink choice. I fancies something refreshing so what better than a non-alcoholic cocktail aptly named The Refresher.

A cool blend of elderflower, lime and strawberry with soda water – a perfect start to what else was to come.

Bearing in mind that we were just having lunch, we went straight to ordering a main course. I finally made my desicion and opted for the Meat Platter and a side of Funky Chips; triple cooked with rosemary and garlic.

If looks could kill eh? It tasted as good as it looked. The waiter was eager to talk me through my variety of meets and cheeses and knew his stuff, needless to say, I was impressed.

The platter consisted of:

  • Crispy Kale Slaw – to be used as a sort of pallette cleanser between the different options. This was divine. I’d always steered clear of kale when doing the supermarket shop but it’s made its way into my list.
  • Mozzarella & Sun Dried Tomato & Pesto – delicious. I wish there was more. You could taste the freshness of the cheese. 
  • Pecorino & Sweet Chilli Sauce – I’m not a fan of “stinky cheese” I find them far too strong, this cheese though, I could have eaten a whole wheel. The sauce really complimented the fallout of the cheese by adding a sweetness.
  • Prosciutto, Black Pepper & Pistachio Ham and Salami – I’m a huge fan of prosciutto so this was always going to be a winner. The ham unfortunately didn’t win my vote. I couldn’t taste the black pepper or pistachio which was a shame but the texture made it feel a little processed. The salami had a kick to it and tasted slightly herby. Definitely my favourite meat on the platter.
  • Black Olive, Giant Green Olive, Caper and a Lucky Chilli – I’m a green olive person but this little black olive has converted me. It was so tasty and fresh and juicy. The green olive was like no other olive is ever had. It was so thick and had a texture is never found in an olive before. ο»ΏCapers, I’d always thought were like peppercorns so this was unusual for me but I liked it a lot. After being told the chilli was a lucky dip and it could be mild or really hot, I decided to try my luck. Luck it was, as I’m a fan of spice I didn’t mind the fact that it blew my head off! Thankfully I’d left a bit of the Curly Kale Slaw just in case! 

Now, was there room for dessert? 

Of course there was!

That, my friend, is what you may call an Epic Brownie with vanilla ice cream, caramelised popcorn and chocolate sauce. Not only did each of the different aspects of this dessert compliment each other beautifully, the fact the brownie was so warm and moist and melted in your mouth made you feel as though you’d reached heaven. 

For super friendly and super quick service, excellent food, great atmosphere and at only Β£20 a head, it’s a highly recommended retreat for lunch.

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