Scrubbing Up With Soap & Glory

I just love, love, love this stuff! 

The branding, the products, the names of the items, the colour , and the smell. 

I can’t help myself buying Soap & Glory when I go shopping especially this little number. I love the waterproof bag, it will be perfect when I travel.  Not only is the wash bag cute and pink, it also contains 5 miniature products. 

  • Clean On Me Shower Gel – smells divine, people always comment on my scent after I’ve used this after a shower. It leaves the skin feeling silky smooth too.
  • Scrub Of Your Life Body Butter – again it smells beautiful but is perfect for exfoliation before moisturising. It foams up so it really cleanses the pores.
  • The Righteous Butter Body Moisturiser – I think I own about 6 pots of this stuff! I use it everyday. Iit really helps to keep the skin moisturised and glowing.
  • Hand Food Hydrating Hand Cream – I have this in my bag at all times. It’s excellent to use when it’s cold outside to stop your hands from being dry.
  • Heel Genius Foot Cream – a treat for the feet after a long day in the office wearing heels. Keeps hard skin at bay and nasty smells away! 

Included is also a Soap & Glory pouffe which is brilliant to use with the Clean On Me Shower Cream as it lathers it up and helps massage it over your skin.

Soap & Glory are into a clear winner with this beauty. ο»Ώ

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