Week 1 Update | Lancôme Cleanse & Tone

So it’s been a week since I started using Lancôme Paris Gelatais Doucher Cleanse & Tone Duo and I’m having mixed feeling about it so far. 

There is still quite a lot left in the bottles so it’s good to see that you get your money’s worth out of these products.

Over the past 7 weeks, although I have noticed, as well as the Mr, that my face feels a lot smoother. It is so much softer than it usually is. My nose has always suffered from blackheads and from being oily but I feel that this is starting to become less noticeable already. 

There has been one downside but I don’t want to blame it completly on the product at the moment, I seemed to have had a couple of ‘breakout’ spots on my chin and cheeks since using these. I have just gotten over a cold so it could be the aftermath of that but I will let you know in next weeks update.

So far I’m happy with the products as there is definitely a difference in the way my skin feels, I’m not sure if there is a difference in the way it looks yet though. What do you think? 🙂

Thanks for reading, be sure to check back next week! 


Categories: Beauty

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