Part I: If you look up paradise in the dictionary…

heaven, as the final abode of the righteous.
a place of extreme beauty, delight, or happiness.
a state of supreme happiness; bliss.

If I wrote the dictionary, I’d only need one word for the meaning of paradise. Thailand.

Last year I was lucky enough to be able to take 16 days out of my busy work schedule to enjoy a “relaxing” holiday in some of the most beautiful areas of Thailand.

I’m not a good flyer, earlier this year I had a bad flight which I was adamant had put me off for life. I’d never been so frightened, then to find out I’d have to endure 7 flights in just over 2 weeks, I was a little wary.

So, two 6 1/2 hour flights later, with a quick connection in Dubai, we had arrived at our first destination.


It was hot, humid and hectic to say the least. Bangkok is a very busy place! After queuing for a taxi, we were taken to our hotel only to return back to the airport we had just left in 11 hours time.

We were staying at the Amari Boulevard, trip advisor link here. If I’m honest, I’m glad it was just for one night. After a much needed shower and getting ready for some well deserved food, we decided to hit the streets of Bangkok in search for some authentic grub.

After an hour or so of walking around all the ‘looky looky’ stalls and eyeing up some of the replica mulberry bags and fake ray bans, we found a place on one of the corners and decided to go inside.

I don’t know what we ordered to be perfectly honest with you but it was a strange-kind-of-good plate of food. I think it’s what they call glasnoodles with stir fried vegetables. We asked for the bill and for our two mains and 2 cokes, it was 280 baht which is a little shy of £6. We were amazed we were able to have a hearty and very delicious meal for 2 for so little.

Fed, watered and feeling very full, we decided to call it a night and headed back to the hotel. It had been a very long day, especially when you take into account the time difference and the fact we had even more flying to do in the morning.

After a McDonalds breakfast (yes I said McDonalds!) we got another taxi and set off for the airport. We quickly caught on that people were extremely friendly in Thailand as our taxi driver, Mr Tiger, did not hesitate on telling is his life story. He was very happy and spoke highly of his son who works for P&G and travels to England many times a year all though he complains that it’s always so cold.

After checking in, we set off to our gate as there is nothing better to do than sit there for an hour of course. Luckily, Bangkok Airways is Thailand’s Best Boutique Airline and has VIP Lounges for it’s passengers offering free drinks, snacks and wi-fi until you are ready to board. I say luckily, as we ended up with a delayed flight for another hour so this helps ease the boredom of sitting in a terminal. 13:00 and we were on the plane ready for our next destination.

Ko Samui.

Let me start by telling you Ko Samui airport is beautiful, it puts all airports I’ve ever seen to shame.

After another taxi journey to our hotel, Centra Coconut Resort in Talig Nham, we were showed to our beautiful villa. It had everything you could need for a luxury stay in a quiet area of Ko Samui. A king size bed, a large t.v., a well stocked mini fridge, a fully functional hidden dresser, an amazing jet stream bath and some gorgeous amenities. As ever, you can find my trip advisor review here.

It was by far my favourite place from the entire trip. It was exactly what I’d imagined an island in Thailand to be. You know when you’re flicking through the brochures in the travel agents and become quite skeptical about the professional photographs. You needn’t be when it comes to Ko Samui, the pictures do not do the place enough justice for how beautiful it truly is.

You can really unwind here. All your thoughts can fade away to the sound of the sea and the tropical birds singing their songs. Hours can go by without you realising. With the sun beaming down and mojitos on tap, spending time with your loved one in such a beautiful place, what more could you need?

Taling Nahm is on the complete opposite side of the island to where the airport and tourist area is, so finding places to eat and go to during the day was non-existent. We were quite happy with this though as it meant we could bask in the beauty of our private beach at the resort.

There was however, a restaurant owned by a very friendly Belgian man named French Kiss about a 5 minute walk up the path. You could walk via the beach however the tide was high and a fishermans boat was blocking our way when we tried.

I would recommend taking one of the day trips to Angthong National Marine Park. You get to see some incredible views, eat some authentic thai food and kayak to the area where The Beach was filmed.

A taxi ride to Big Buddha Pier to catch a catamaran for our next island.

Ko Pahngan.


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