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After speaking with a colleague at work and finding out she is turning 40 this year, I was stunned. Literally to the point where I had to pick my jaw up off the floor.

“No way are you 40?!” I said. “What’s you secret?” I asked.

She told me that her mum taught her to cleanse, tone and moisturise from the age of 7 and she swears by it.

So I decided to treat myself thinking if I start now and even look half as good as she does at 40 it would be worth it.

I bought a duo set by Lancôme Paris – Galateis Douceur and Tonique Douceur, it was on offer at £28.

Today is the first day I have started to use the products and I wanted to review on a weekly basis until I have finished the bottles.

After reading the instructions on the bottle, I got set up ready to apply after a shower. I get my cotton pads from home bargains, they are around £1.50 for 200 in a big bag.

I used the cleanser first (obviously!) and felt it was so easy to apply. The consistency was thick yet runny enough to ensure an even layer across my face even with such a small amount. It also smells really fresh and clean.

Next, the toner. I wasn’t sure if this was meant to have a slight sting but I imagine that is it working its magic! It might sound strange but I’m sure I could ‘feel’ it working and cleaning out my pores.

And clean it did!

I was amazed to see how dirty these pads were still even after I’d showered. It’s a good way to see that even scrubbing your face with soap doesn’t clear everything off.

I definitely felt a lot cleaner and fresher having used the products. As for a difference, it’s definitely too soon to see anything but my cheeks feel really smooth already.

I’m going to continue using these daily and will repost in a weeks time using the same original before photo to see if there is any gradual difference.

Thanks for reading!

Sherry Scribbles


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